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LifeResults founder, inspirational speaker and Award-winning author of “Love Based Leader” Ross Quinn and his wife Christine who will kick off our gathering with a powerful keynote on how to bridge gender, generational and racial gaps through dynamic leadership.

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Sure to inspire us, Jim Donovan, drum circle facilitator and teacher, former member of Rusted Root will lead us in a community celebration of life through drumming.

A Message From Our Co-Chairs

We have the honor of inviting you to a weekend full of discovery, engagement and celebration in the bountiful Finger Lakes region of New York State. This will be a weekend-long exploration of what it means to be a dynamic elder in today’s culturally diverse world. Filled with workshops, lively discussions, games and experiential discovery, come join us as we explore, acknowledge and understand dynamic eldership and the gender, generational and multicultural gaps that exist today. Our goal is to learn how to bridge these gaps helping us grow towards a more unified and accepting world.

We are seeking men and women of all ages to join together ready to work on rebuilding bridges, embracing our similarities and differences, and to celebrate the wisdom that exists in us all. The team we’ve assembled to design and deliver the program include men and women of a broad range of cultural and generational foundations, both local and national leaders in personal growth communities. Let’s ignite a movement of unity as we leave with the toolkit that will allow us to go forth in our own communities to deepen our roles as mentor, mentee and elder.

USAGE 2016 will take place Thursday, September 29th to Sunday, October 2nd with the Ritual Elder Workshop on September 28th and 29th

We’ve chosen to host the conference in the heart of the Finger Lakes at Camp Cory on Keuka Lake, a picturesque well-appointed coed YMCA camp with accommodations for both men and women. There are also nearby hotel accommodations available as well. The timing couldn’t be better – it will be Autumn’s peak foliage season in the Finger Lakes with brilliant fall colors.

You are welcome and encouraged to join us … embrace your Dynamic Eldership and work together to help bridge the gaps.

In peace and in service,

Steve Aman and Chris Arthur
Co-chairs of USAGE 2016


Bridging The Gap With Dynamic Eldership

Below are the daily activities and sessions which will allow us to explore what it means to be a dynamic elder in today’s culturally diverse world, to understand 3 key cultural gaps which cause significant tension in society today, and learn how we can pull together with the intentions, wisdom, and tools inherent in Dynamic Eldership to build bridges so we can grow towards a more unified and accepting world.

Almost all activities are co-gender. Given USAGE is the annual gathering of “Elders” within ManKind-USA there will be 2 organizational sessions, during which time there will either be co-gender sessions or sessions designed and facilitated by women.

3 Cultural Gaps being explored:
  1. Gender
  2. Generational
  3. Racial / Multicultural
***  Note:  Schedule is subject to change ***

Ritual Elder Workshop

The Ritual Elder Workshop is an 8 hour workshop which precedes the USAGE. This event is open to all Ritual Elders, as well as men who have an interest in learning more about ritual elders, their function and who they are.
September 28th
  3:00p  -  4:00p       Registration and Orientation   4:00p  -  5:00p       Ritual Elder: The Skills, The Practice, and Discovering The Magic   6:00p  -  7:00p       Dinner   7:00p  -  9:00p       Ritual Elder workshop (continued)
September 29th
  8:00a  -  9:00a      Breakfast   9:00a  - 12:15p      Ritual Elder workshop (continued)                12:30p      Lunch

USAGE 2016

September 29th
  3:00p  -  5:30p       Registration and Guest Services   5:30p  -  6:00p       Meet and Greet   6:00p  -  7:00p       Dinner   7:15p  -  7:45p       Opening Ceremony/ Ritual Entry                                  •  James Fannon: Welcome & Introduction
                                 •  Mary & Steve Aman: Welcome
                                 •  Al White: Thanks Giving Address   7:45p  -  8:45p       Keynote Address
Keynote Address:
Ross & Christine Quinn: "Bridging gender, generational and racial gaps through dynamic eldership."

Join Ross Quinn, a leading author, speaker, facilitator and coach and his wife Christine as they lend a hand as we examine the gender, generational and racial gaps that exist within ourselves, our culture and our community. Ross & Christine will facilitate a thought-provoking session that challenges us to look at our own biases and how they play out in our lives. You will discover how to bridge these gaps and help co-create a world where those gaps don’t exist.

  8:45p  -  9:00p       Social Meet and Greet
September 30th
  6:30a  -   7:30a       Yoga, Meditation, Recovery Meeting   8:00a  -   9:00a       Breakfast
AM Goal:
Create container for participants to share their own experiences and discover how they may bridge the gap with the masculine or feminine aspects within themselves.
  9:15a  -  12:15p       Gender Gap   (3 options - each 1.5 hour sessions)
Douglas MacIntrye & Kit Miller: "The Mask You Live In – Film & Discussion"
(1.5 hours - sesion repeats)

Douglas MacIntyre author, facilitator, coach and therapist & Kit Miller, director of the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence, will be viewing key selections from the award-winning documentary: The Mask You Live In. The movie follows boys and young men as they struggle to stay true to themselves while negotiating America’s narrow definition of masculinity. Research shows in the U.S. that boys when compared to girls, are more likely to be diagnosed with behavior disorder, prescribed stimulant medications, drop out of school, binge drink and commit a violent crime and/or take their own lives. Douglas and Kit will facilitate co-gender discussion circles to address these important issues.

Laurie & Rich Riedman: "Relationship Wisdom and the path to lifelong intimacy: Understanding how women and men love differently "
(1.5 hours -  sesion repeats)

Join Laurie & Rich Riedman to learn how to find, sustain and grow love in your relationship by better understanding the “two brains” that are also in your relationship. We will share brain facts on the differences between male and female brains and how to understand and “mine the gifts” in those differences. Whether you are in a relationship at the moment or not -- or if you can attend with your partner or not - this session will give you tips and tools to help you determine where you (and your partner) may be on the “gender spectrum”; how to bridge the brains; and the role “separateness” plays in lifelong intimacy. Hint: There will be a quiz!

Barb Klein & Sharon Arthur: "Mothers and Sons: A Journey of Growing in Wisdom and Grace"  
(1.5 hours - session repeats)

Two women who have life experience mothering their sons -- Barb Klein, life coach, teacher and writer and Sharon Arthur, stewardship champion and community leader as they help us explore, honor, and embrace the unique relationship between a mother and son. They will share how each relationship is as unique as the personalities involved and share how to find greater acceptance, appreciation, and awareness by embracing the similarities and differences while honoring our individual journeys.

Join us to experience guided self-reflection, small and large group discussion circles and the shared wisdom brought forth that will undoubtedly provide lasting insights you can apply in your own lives. Whether you are a mother, a son, a loved one who has witnessed or participated in this relationship, or someone who has mothered a young man in any way, we welcome your perspective and sharing in this gathering.

 12:30p  -   1:30p       Lunch
PM Goal:
Create container for participants to share their own experiences and discover how they may bridge the generational gap in their lives & communities.
  1:30p  -   4:30p       Generational Gap  (2 options - each session 1.5 hours)
Douglas MacIntrye : "Bridging the Gaps with Transformative Listening: How to listen, reflect and mentor"  (1.5 hours -  sesion repeats)

Most people think they know how to listen, few actually do. Join us for an eye opening experience of the power of listening to transform tense situations and overcome distance between individuals across the various cultural gaps. This experiential program will transfer the ability to listen to the “heart of what the other is trying to say” rather than getting bogged down in misunderstanding. By learning to get out of our own inner dialogue, we will learn how to hear what is “underneath the others words” and respond in ways that create connection and understanding. We will also experience the transformative power of being listened to by someone who is fully present rather than judging, defending fixing or rescuing.

Barb Lucke & Michael Fallon: "Mentoring: The Missing piece."
(1.5 hours - session repeats)

Join Barb Lucke & Michael Fallon, two dynamic mentoring facilitators and change agents for an experiential workshop exploring the shadows that block our way to vulnerability and authenticity -- the qualities needed to effectively mentor. They will share how approaching mentoring by being reciprocal not only gifts the mentee but the mentor as well.

Learn how intentional mentoring revitalizes playfulness and deepens spiritual growth and how mentoring is a transformational step into your highest self. Join this session for a stimulating processes that will build your skill set and confidence as an individual and open the door to joys of mentoring.

   6:00p  -   7:00p       Dinner
   7:15p  -   8:00p       Young Warrior - Elder in Training Ceremony
   8:00p  -   9:30p       Jim Donovan: Celebration of Life 

Sure to inspire us, Jim Donovan, member of Rusted Root will lead us in a community celebration of life through drumming.

October 1st
  6:30a  -   7:30a      Yoga, Meditation, Recovery Meeting   8:00a  -   9:00a      Breakfast
AM Goal:
Honoring our roots and the roots of others as we grow together in this multicultural world, having an increased awareness of the cultural diversity already present in each of us.
   9:15p  -  12:15p     Annual Ritual Elder Meeting 
   9:15p  -  12:15p     Racial / Multicultural Gaps  (2 options - both are 3 hour sessions)
Miguel & Barb Rath: "Bridging The Gap: Building Bridges through
Focused Alternatives"

Join Barb and Miguel to explore how to use multicultural language in a positive and blessing way to bridge the gap and be truly connected with others. You will learn a new process Barb and Miguel have used to enrich their own relationships and connections. Join us to challenge yourself to build deeper connections and you just may find a gift or two that more than likely has been right in front of you the whole time!

Jewel Love: "Chant, Dance, Cultivate YOUR Multicultural Experience Through Song" 

Jewel Love, a therapist and founder of ChantDance, will help you face your biases regarding those of other races, ethnicities, and cultures in a supportive environment that is fun, safe, and transformative.

Experience the transformative tools of ChantDance and traditional psychotherapy to unlock the code of racial biases and cultural exclusion and build just and inclusive communities for generations to come. Jewel will integrate the power of chanting, dancing, and storytelling to inspire fresh narratives for personal and collective healing.

   12:30p  -  1:30p       Lunch
     1:30p  -  5:30p       Elders Council (Men)
                                   Seneca Falls Woman’s Excursion Trip: Women’s Rights National Park

You are invited to join us for a trip to this national gem, located close by in Seneca Falls NY to witness firsthand the story of the first Woman’s Rights Convention held in Seneca Falls, NY on July 19-20 1848. Discover how to the fight for civil rights can change the world and learn how the fight for civil rights and human rights continue today.

     2:30p  -  5:30p       Training Sweat Lodge ~ Co-gender / Women’s / Men’s 
     6:00p  -  7:00p       Dinner 
     7:15p  -  9:15p       Talent Show - Fred Verkley, host
October 2nd
     7:00a  -  8:00a       Yoga, Meditation, Recovery Meeting
     8:00a  -  9:00a       Breakfast
     9:00a  -  9:30a       Honoring Veterans
   10:00a  - 11:00a      Closing Ceremonies
   11:00a  - 12:00p      Pack up


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YMCA Camp Lawrence Cory, better known as "YMCA Camp Cory" or simply "Camp Cory," is a resident-style summer camp in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. It was founded in 1892 and established at its current location in 1921. The name comes from Lt. H. Lawrence Cory, an American World War I soldier who was killed in action. Camp Cory is located on Keuka Lake, one of the Finger Lakes in Upstate New York. The 27-acre property is 2 miles (3.2 km) south of the village of Penn Yan, in the town of Milo, New York. It is about an hour south of Rochester, New York and about an hour and a half southwest of Syracuse, New York Camp Cory is certified by the American Camp Association (ACA).

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